All creatures deserve to live and enjoy the beauty of nature.  We are interdependent with each other and for us to live longer we need to care not only for ourselves, but for others, too.  We need to be considerate with other living creatures and that includes our wildlife.  Wildlife refers to animals that are not raised by humans.  They are not domesticated and if they die will be replaced by others of the same kind.  Most cannot live long beyond their life span.  For their population to grow, we need proper and careful management of their species.

Conservation efforts in wildlife are growing since many are now aware of the danger that man has placed to endanger the existence of our wildlife.  We need to preserve and protect them to ensure that they will continue to exist.  Wildlife conservation is preventive care and a process of analyzing and protecting variation of life forms in the world we live in.  Individuals and organizations are now doing their share in protecting and preserving distinct biological species.

We should not exploit our rainforest so that we can still preserve the endangered species of our wildlife.  These thick evergreen forest or rainforest are often found in tropical regions. If you’ll get the chance to visit one, you’ll surely be amazed of the big trees and wonderful plants where some of the herbal plants are found. These are their habitat that would allow wildlife to live freely and preserve their existence.

One of the conservation efforts in wildlife that the world is promoting nowadays is promoting awareness on the impact of extinction of our wildlife. Proper education has been extended by school personnel’s and teachers. With this many of the youth nowadays even in their young age are doing their own way of helping organizations to gain supports from the society. I’ve read students from all around the globe, sponsoring small booths in schools or in their community to raise funds. For music enthusiast, they also sponsor concerts or small programs in school to raise fund so that they can in their own ways start preserving our ecosystem which in so doing will help conserve our wildlife.

As a concerned citizen, we should encouraged eco-living to every individual.  It is a lifestyle or way of achieving your dreams without affecting the environment.  You can still enjoy life without hurting the environment.  Parents should encourage their children by serving as a good example in the maintenance and proper handling of waste.  Recycling and proper waste management should be thought not only in schools but also in various communities. Conserving our resources, energy and savings as well as self-fulfillment are some of the advantages of eco-living.

You are not only able to inspire others, but you are also able to help the community and our ecosystem as a whole. You are also able to inculcate good values which your children will learn and appreciate. They will surely treasure these values and continue to practice them as they grow old.  Eco-living will help sustain our world to be a better place to live-in.

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